Zee aka Zamani Ngidi, is a rapper and music producer from South Africa. Zee started his journey as a rapper in his early childhood years and continued to do so while learning to discover music producing in high school.

During his high school period Zee was affiliated with various rap entities until deciding to pursue a solo career from 2008. In the period of 2009 and 2011, he worked on his music and collaborated with local and United States artists with placing on various mixtapes in the US.

Following this period of what he would label as “A development phase in my musical journey which I deemed necessary, I made over 200 songs during that period and it’s all just putting in my 10,000 hours I guess, but I’m still pushing to be better.”

A sense of mission and grandiose visions are what captivate audiences all over the world to listen and eagerly follow Zee’s musical journey, in his words, “The music I make is art, it’s the narration of the world through my eyes, I feel like I resonate with people for the fact that the experiences I go through and theirs are similar, I just make songs about it; Also I think what makes me Zee, especially my identity as a musician is because music is art, the perception of who I am and the culmination of all the intangibles of what makes a musician will always be interpreted differently, especially by various individuals, ultimately I just want people to be entertained, that’s my mission, I want to entertain the world, and make people feel great, not only about themselves but in general”