Zamani Ngidi better known as Zee is an artist from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Zee started rapping in his early childhood years, where he produced music in high school and developed his sound over time to incorporate singing.

He has released two mixtapes “Champagne & Heartbreak” in early 2013 and the more recent “Give It Time” released in late 2016, with latter dawning over 2,000 downloads and 300,000 streams and with plans to release his debut album “Get It Done” in late 2017.

His music is available on Soundcloud, YouTube and can be downloaded from his social media pages.

I got the opportunity to chat to this rising star, here is what he had to say about what music means to him:

“The music I make is art, it’s the narration of the world through my eyes, I feel like I resonate with people for the fact that the experiences I go through and theirs are similar, I just make songs about it; Also I think what makes me Zee, especially my identity as a musician is because music is art, the perception of who I am and the culmination of all the intangibles of what makes a musician will always be interpreted differently, especially by various individuals, ultimately I just want people to be entertained, that’s my mission, I want to entertain the world, and make people feel great, not only about themselves but in general”